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It has an excellent transport Madrid.  A major subway and city and intercity buses circulating in the city for the convenience of travelers.

The website of the regional transport consortium

The arrangement of the Madrid taxi if you do not want to wait in the driveway, you can access a search for any company in the network.

More than 15.000 taxis in the city are circulating.

What do you do in Madrid?, one of the issues that any tourist poses.  Madrid is a city of resources and activities.  You can walk on our streets and discover:

You can found tourist offices: Plaza Mayor 27;  Plaza Neptuno;  Ronda Atocha s / n;  Plaza Callao s / n;  Paseo Recoletos 23;  Paseo Castellana 138;  Plaza Cibeles 1; Avenida Hispanidad s / n (airport);  Leganitos 19 street (police station).

The information you need on culture, shopping, gardens, paths, sightseeing, transportation, restaurants, entertainment centers, sports, exhibitions, concerts, map, accommodation, car rental, travel agencies.

Hours are 09.30h. to 20.30h, except in Plaza Mayor 27 (House Bakery) which is 09.30h to 21.30h.

If you are questioning about shows in Madrid professionals advised the defendants:

The field of tourism in Madrid represents good communications gives the city in sectors such as entertainment, services, adapted accommodation, good communication regarding the transmission network.

The approach from the airport to the city center said the arrival of tourists to the heart of the country that is Spain.

Corporations like the IFEMA attracts countless visitors.

The positive perception of the city, hospitality, receptive communication, the amount of daytime and evening entertainment is what provides an open and abundant tourism.



Near the Santiago Bernabeu stadium

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