In 1999-2000 “Project Leader XXI” came to light.  Consisted of a multitude of help through services for members and fans with un open telephone line and the ability to purchase a monthly subscription.  The Santiago Bernabéu stadium underwent a reform that moved to distribute all space sectors.  Once the change is completed, the volume was at 75.000 locations.

Florentino Pérez, President of Real Madrid, began the “Director of Infrastructure Stadium Plan”, looked substructures; the commercial exploitation; and several potential new businesses to continue to acquire money for all partners.  At the moment, the Santiago Bernabéu stadium has a various restaurants, a tour and the world’s largest oficial sports shop (Adidas brand gives you the opportunity to purchase our collection).

31th January 2014, Florentino, made the statement of what the Santiago Bernabeu in the future, as a skin cover.  The building displays a huge screen showing the most important and special events that transpire behind it.


Real Madrid wins again in this new period.  In 2014 won the tenth European Cup.  Got one European Super Cup and the King Cup with Ancelotti.  With Mourinho (2010-2013) they got the League Cup and the Spanish Super Cup.  From this month of January, Zidane is the team representative.  We expect the same greatness.


The great team, teamwork, the games won are features that emphasize the essence of Real Madrid.

More with this victory the final of the Champions, May 28, 2016 vs Atlético of Madrid, Real Madrid returns to his fans feats of glory.  The city, the stadium, the millions of fans celebrated the win in style.

Real Madrid head coaches has been taking the team:

Santiago Bernabeu (1926-1927).

Pedro Llorente (1926-1927).

Baltasar Albéniz (1946-1947), (1950-1951).

José Villalonga Llorente (1954-1957).

Alfredo Di Stefano (1982-1984), (1990-1991).

Amancio Amaro (1984-1985).

Vicente del Bosque (1994) (1996), (1999-2003).

Jorge Alberto Valdano (1994-1996).

Fabio Capello (1996-1997), (2006-2007)

Schuster (2007-2008).

Rafa Benítez (2015-2016).

Zidane (2016- actually).


The main players Real Madrid, and meringues legends:

Sanchís (1964-1971), (1983-2001).

Butragueño (1983-1995).

Michel (1984-1996).

Buyo (1986-1997).

Hierro (1989-2003).

Zamorano (1992-1996).

Raul (1994-2010).

Mijatovic (1996-1999).

Suker (1996-1999).

Casillas (1999-2015).

Morientes (1997-2005).

Figo (2005-2005).

Zidane (2001-2006).

Cristiano Ronaldo (actually).



Near the Santiago Bernabeu stadium

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