An excursion to Toledo to discover why it is called “Three Cultures”.  The old town is declared World Heritage by UNESCO since 1986.

Known as “imperial city” for having hosted the reign of Carlos I.  The nickname “Three Cultures” during centuries of coexistence of christians, jews and muslims.

In 711, Toledo was conquered by Muslims.  Alfonso VI reconquered the city in 1085.  During the reign of the Catholic Monarchs,  Toledo became the headquarters.  In 1561, the Court was transferred to Madrid and Toledo fell into decline due to the economic crisis.

In 1983 he became the capital of Castilla La Mancha.

The cheapest option coaches go to Toledo.  Plaza Elíptica exchanger (lines 6 and 11 metro) in Madrid, you can buy your ticket.

The bus service is ALSA.  The frequency every half hour, one hour travel time for those who perform direct service.

Buses leave from the platforms 27 to 32.

The ticket price is from €5’42 each way.

Two other alternatives transports to Toledo can rent a vehicle and the fastest and most comfortable train.  Leaving the Atocha station in Madrid.

They are trains of the company AVANT, in 30 minutes you are arriving in Toledo.

The ticket price is from €10’30 each way.

One of the most emblematic buildings is the Cathedral of Toledo, Santa María, he began construction in 1227 on the foundations of the Visigoth cathedral.

It is of Gothic style, it is 120 meters long by 60 meters wide.  It consists of 5 ships, where the side extending behind the Chapel, 88 columns and 72 vaults.

In the fifteenth century, the chapel of San Pedro stands next to the entrance to the cloister.  Later the Chapel of Santiago, pantheon of the Luna family (one of the eight most important families of the nobility of Aragon) is constructed.  In 1943, Archbishop Pedro Gonzalez de Mendoza, coincillor of Isabel the Catholic, ends the last vault thus concluding this sublime reconstruction.

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Mosque Toledo, Cristo de la Luz, formerly known as Bab al-Mardum mosque, located in the Barrio San Nicolás.

In the Muslim period was a small oratory linked to a gateway to the city.  Built in 999 during the time of the Caliphate of Córdoba.

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The Madrid distance Toledo just 70 kilometers.  The possibility of how to go to Toledo by the A 42, duration about 54 minutes.

Some parking available in Toledo:

Alcázar. Costs of the Capuchins 6 street.  Phone:  + 34 925 222 040.

Santo Tomé. Santa Úrsula 8 street.  Phone:  + 34 925 228 865.  Open 24 hours.

Saba station. Paseo de la Rosa street.  Phone:  + 34 925 251 855.  Open 24 hours.

Miradero Zocodover Square. Gerardo Lobo street.  Phone:  + 34 925 258 795.  Open 24 hours.

Safont.  Avenida Castilla La Mancha 3 street.  Phone:  + 34 966 894 570



Near the Santiago Bernabeu stadium

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