To possible transfers it is advisable to remove mains multinational companies in Madrid found:

Brico Depot. Sector:  Trade / Retail.  Specialized products.

Liberty Insurances. Sector:  Financial services and insurance.  Insurance in general.  Paseo Doce Estrellas 4 street.  Phone:  + 34 902 555 011.

Adecco Group. Sector:  Professional Services.  Recruitment and contract staff.

Sector:  Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.  Avenida de la Industria 30 street.  Phone:  + 34 916 635 000.

Novartis pharmaceutical. Sector:  Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.  Ayala 70 street.  Phone:  + 34 914 315 584.

BBVA Spain. Sector:  Financial services and insurance.  Banking and credit.

Sector:  Trade / Retail.  Food and non-food.  Paseo Imperial 42 street.  Phone:  + 34 913 644 255.

Kiabi Spain. Sector:  Trade / Retail.  Textile and footwear.

ING Bank. Sector:  Financial services and insurance.  Banking and credit.

Sector:  Professional Services. Recruitment and staffing.

Akí DIY Spain. Sector:  Trade / Retail. specialized products.  Alcalá 338 street.  Phone:  + 34 914 079 702.

If you are looking where to stay in Madrid on our website has the Delux apartments available.

The first apartment is located in the same business heart of the city, Paseo de la Castellana street.  Besides bus stations are Chamartin nearest metro (line 1, 10 and Renfe), Begoña (line 10) and Plaza de Castilla (line 1, 9 and 10).

Next to the Plaza Castilla metro, it has parking for their vehicles.  Throughout the entire street green area can park ticket with corresponding machines is given.

The other apartment is located on Alcalá street.  Buses and two subway stations nearby. Manuel Becerra (line 1 and 6) and Sales (line 2 and 5).

Lowering the portal, the first street on the left a parking lot next to the supermarket Mercadona is located. Green streets can park with the corresponding ticket machines.


Madrid metro works for efficiency levels are the same for those who always has been characterized. Metro lines are 12 listed cardinally. Ramal, and METRO LIGERO.

The opening hours are from 06.00h to 01.30h. Phone: +34 902 444 403 and + 34 917 796 399.

The website of the regional transport consortium

The network of subway web You can purchase, according to the user’s profile, their credit card transport:


  • Abono 30 days.


  • Annual subscription.


  • Large families.


  • Persons with Disabilities.




Or buy the ticket with the rate for the destination place.

The busiest metrobus fare is ten trips, €12’20.

Any doubt consult the web.



Near the Santiago Bernabeu stadium

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