To book a flight Barcelona is important to remember the seasons;  it is such a cosmopolitan city that brings an influx of tourists.  The high season includes the summer months, Christmas holidays, Easter or Sant Jordi (23th April).

Sant Jordi’s day is very unique:  the habit since the fifteenth century man gives a woman a rose.  Catalonia selds roses an books.  Rambla exposes for this occasion posts.

The low season corresponds to other days of the year.

It is a city of high temperatures in summer.  May is an interesting option to consider the visit.  Sun shines without it a difficult to withstand heat, temperatures range between 15°C and 22°C.

Barcelona airport is located southwest of the city, six meters above sea level, and between the municipalities of El Prat de Llobregat, Viladecans and Sant Boi.

It is the second international airport in Spain after Madrid International Airport;  and it is the first of Catalonia and the Mediterranean coast, being the tenth most passenger traffic in Europe.

It has two passenger terminals T1 and T2. It has three runways and landing.

El Prat airport in Barcelona is accessible by train and by bus from the city center.

In a future connection to the AVE high speed line is scheduled.

A curiosity is that it behaves as a “silent airport” because of the verbosity of exposed over loudspeakers.

You can contact through these telephone numbers: 902 404 704 or +34 913 211 000.  Mail



For your trip to Barcelona we will have a list of airlines to facilitate your search:

Argentins Airlines (Buenos Aires Barcelona)

Air Canadá (Toronto Barcelona)

Avianca (Bogota Barcelona)

Air China (Pekin Barcelona)

British Airways (Birmingham Barcelona)

See the list here:


Born Design Historic center

Rent apartment in the city center of Barcelona.

Born historic duplex

Rent apartment in the city center of Barcelona.

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