The aim of the Erasmus program is to address the teaching and learning needs of all students in formal higher education and vocational education degree of any career and qualification.

Including doctoral studies.

The program was created in 1987 on the initiative of the educational group AEGEE (European Students Forum) founded by Franck Biancheri Europe.

The requirements for a student to get scholarships ERASMUS are to be attending a college career or higher level, and have completed the first year of training.  They must be citizens of one member state associated to the Socrates program (universities receive financial aid in order to promote the exchange of students and teachers between the EU countries and those associated).

Selected students will attend their studies over a period of three months and one year in another European country.  The results calculated and will be recognized at the University of origin.

The scholarship may be €110 or €185 per month, depending on each economy.  Some regions financed €200 or €800 per month.

The main destination countries:  Spain, France, Denmark, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Italy and Netherlands.

31 countries are currently included in the Socrates program.  The 27 countries of the EU;  Turkey;  and the three associated countries Iceland, Norway and Liechtestein.

The student accommodation is helped by the consortium itself.  Provides flats to share, agencies student or student residence.

The carrers that can be studied in Barcelona:  Fine Arts;  Library and Information Science;  Biology;  Economy;  Pharmacy;  Philology;  Philosophy;  Physical;  Education;  Geography and History;  Geology;  Mathematics;  Medicine;  Odontology;  Pedagogy;  Psychology;  Chemical;  Nursing school;  Business school;  School of Gemology;  Nutrition Center;  Audiovisual school;  College of Occupational Hazards;  Public Relations school; Hosteley and Tourism school.

A part of each faculty are schools and private schools.

On this website you can consult racing

The carrers that can be studied in Madrid can go to the universities  This website is information on each university: Alfonso X El Sabio, Nebrija, Complutense, Autónoma, Rey Juan Carlos, Comillas, CEU, Europea, Francisco de Vitoria …

Besides these, and as in Barcelona, private schools and public schools are also given.

If you want to rent an apartment in Madrid on our website you have the Delux apartments.

An apartment in Paseo de la Castellana street.  Besides bus stations are Chamartín nearest metro (line 1, 10 and Renfe), Begoña (line 10) and Plaza de Castilla (line 1, 9 and 10).

The other apartment in Alcalá street.  Buses and two subway stations nearby. Manuel Becerra (line 1 and 6) and Ventas (line 2 and 5).

If you want to rent an apartment in Barcelona on our website we have the Delux apartments.

Two apartments in the central Barrio Born.

It has a good transportation in the area, with metro stops Barceloneta and Jaume I.  Las Ramblas and the city center has approximately ten minutes walk.

Born quite closed to the Ciutadella Park.  And the beach just ten minutes walk.


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