Last weekend I visited Madrid, capital of Spain.  Many friends recommended me visiting Retiro Park.

I looked for the address:  Plaza de la Independencia 7.  Phone:  +34 915 300 041. The best transports;  metro:  Retiro (line 2), Atocha (line 1 and RENFE), Ibiza (line 9) and Príncipe de Vergara (line 2 and 9).  Bus: 1, 2, 9, 14, 15, 19, 20, 26, 28, 32, 51, 52, 61, 63, 74, 146, 152, 202.

Admission is free.  Spring Summer times 06.00h to 24.00h, and Autum Winter 06.00h to 22.00h.


Nature in Madrid is a beautiful path around the Retiro.  A tour 8 kilometers covering the surface.

Number of different sections of trees and scattered in the gardens species.

The ahuhuete, the guide told us, is the oldest tree in the park.  It was planted in 1633. We are surrounded by a fence.  It was listed as one of the most unique trees in the city of Madrid.

The almond trees are in the space surrounded by the Forest of Remembrance.  Almond flower leaves in March, it is a pity that not been able to do with that colour but I will visiting in other moment.

The Source of the Fallen Angel reminded me of one of those so ostentatious statues of cathedrals.

It is impressive to see trees as exotic as redwood, orange and Araucaria, surviving thanks to the climatic conditions of Retiro.

The Crystal Palace was what I loved.  The structure of metal and glass 1887.


Retiro Park in Madrid sports also offers greater our fun.

We can rent small boats, has a circuit running, fishing area, bikes available and the sports area.

I wanted to have rented a bike but I’m a little clumsy.  I took a little boat and spent 40 minutes on the lake paddling.  It was a wonderful experience;  Crystal Palace had the front and several copies of cypresses floating in the pond. bald cypress are called.


Nature, sport, the park itself is one of the perfect relaxation areas in Madrid.

The botanical paths you stop at a desired tranquility.  A picnic area can enjoy for a have a snack lying in the grass watching the beautiful Madrid sky.



[huge_it_maps id=”6″]

You can’t go without gardens lend a ‘selfie’ in the Puerta de Alcalá.  A giant monument contracted by Sabatini in 1778, as part of the reforms of Carlos III.

I was curious to know.  The gate was built at the entrance of the city near the Retiro, along the road leading to Alcalá de Henares.  So it is called by this name.


A very important event form madrilenians held in the Retiro in Book Fair in Madrid, another event that I have pending visit.

The great avenue bathing huts publishers and bookstores.  Citizens buy at a better price and have an excellent opportunity for writers to sign their books with dedications.

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Near the Santiago Bernabeu stadium

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