Barceloneta beach is the most tourists receive.  It has 1100 meters of sand.  Transport very well connected, so it is one of the most visited and popular beaches.

It has space for activities like volleyball, table tennis, Library service.

The beaches of the Costa Brava are occupied with 240 kilometers along the coast.  More than 30% of the entire surface is reserved for natural parks;  Botanical Gardens;  coves and beaches, many have been attributed Blue Flag as an unmistakable sign of clean and pollution-free water.

Four of the most recommended coves visit:

Aiguablava (Bejur, Girona); tranquility and privacy, is the perfect place to cool off in the crystal clear waters.

The Boadella (Lloret del Mar); lush beach surrounded by greenery and with a strip of golden sand of 310 meters.

Cala Pola (Tossa del Mar, Girona); this small beach from the top is seen as a real natural pool.

Cala d’Aigua Xelida (Girona); a hidden treasure among rocks and pine trees.


If you are looking apartment close to the beach of Barcelona can consult our web.  Born Luxury is central to the charming Barrio of Born.

Castelldefelds beach is a long sheet of fine sand located 18 kilometers south of Barcelona.  Located between two natural systems:  the Llobregat River Delta with its marshes and reed beds, and the limestone massif of Garraf.

You can enjoy water sports, swim in the calm waters of the Mediterranean, sunbathing, placid walks.

The beach is equipped with showers, litter bins, surveillance, sanitary cabins, free WIFI service.

Transports, by train C 2 RENFE.  Car:  C 31 (Platja exit) and C 32 (Sud exit).  Buses L 94 (direct), L 95, L 96 and L 97.

Hotel Vela Barcelona was designed by the architect Ricardo Bofill.  It is located along the promenade of Barceloneta.  473 fabulous rooms and suites;  delight your palate with dishes from Chef Carlos Abellán.

Any information see the website.

The Olympic Port of Barcelona is situated in the building of Captaincy s / n. Phone:  + 34 932 259 220.

It is located in the marina, opposite the Olympic Village.

Now it has become a tourist and entertainment center.  By day you can eat at any of the restaurants, and night enjoy the wide nightlife.

If you like sports you can do KiteSurf in Barcelona in different centers and beaches as Castelldefelds:

You have the possibility to surf on the beaches of Montgat.  Montgat is an extensive stretch from the end of the Caleta to the Rotunda, the peaks are variable but are given a pair that work satisfactorily:  Peak Church and Pico Station.

The surf is usually swift.  The accessibility of parking is the only downside as it is secluded but worth it if you’re after a quiet session.

The nearest parking are La Caleta and Montgat Nord station in both summer they are extra.  You can also come walking from the Barrio Turo of Mar, about five minutes.


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