The excursion to Montserrat moved to a Benedictine monastery in the mountains of Montserrat.  It belongs to the region of Bages, Barcelona.

Originated in the chapel Santa María.  In 1409, he became an independent abbey.  During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the monastery happens to be the cultural center of the first order.  School music composers arise.

After the Napoleonic War and the confiscation of 1835 brought destruction and abandonment.  In 1844 the restoration of monastic life and in 1881 pope León XIII proclaimed the patron saint of Catalonia begins.  The Spanish Civil War meant the abandonment again, the Catalan government preserved Montserrat looting and destruction.

Actually, Montserrat is modernized to continue serving the faithful.

The type of tourism that receives focuses on believers, pilgrims and curious tourists typical interested in nature and find peace.

Religious tourism feel represented by the symbolism of the place, religious traditions and identity.  It is undertaken for pleasure and knowledge and culminates in an act of service as, museum, souvenir shop, restaurant.

Consulting for times and access the link

Montserrat coaches can take the company Julià in the Viriato street of Barcelona.  The departure time is at 09.15h and to return at 17.00h (October to May) and at 18.00h the rest of the year.

The price is €4’75 each way.  Phone:  + 34 932 615 858.

Montserrat transports to both public and private is comfortable.  Walk the mountain to keep the tradition and enjoy nature.  Road, Montserrat has parking, the first two hours is free to the third €5’50.  Cableway.  And the cogwheel train takes 15 minutes and the frequency is 20 minutes.  Barcelona-Plaza de España has this link on the line R 5 Barcelona-Manresa.

The price is €8’60 each way.

Monserrat is a place of religious pilgrimage where attitudes of humility and poverty are adopted;  spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer.

The pilgrimage is an inner and outer act that culminates in a religious cult destination place.

Montserrat is located near Barcelona three possible routes.  Vía C 58 (52 kilometers), Vía A 2 (48 kilometers) and Vía AP 7 (62 kilometers).

The excursion to Fátima is one of the largest and most important pilgrimage places worldwide.  The biggest pilgrimages occur on 12 May and 13 October, being conducted on foot.

The location of the sanctuary referred to the three shepherd house where the Virgin María appeared three small children:  Lucía, Francisco and Jacinta.

The excursion to Lourdes in the French city located in the region of the high Pyrenees.

The cave of Massabielle is known for pilgrims to drink the water gushing from the rock.  The Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes.  The icon of the Virgin represented with blue belt and golden crowned.

Montserrat weddings are performed by the Center for Pastoral Coordination and preparation courses they teach.

The Pastoral has a team of monks, employees and volunteers.

Phone:  + 34 938 777 766.  Mail:




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