La Sagrada Familia is a Christian basilica designed by the architect Gaudi in Barcelona.

Begun in 1882, currently under construction.  It represents Gaudí’s masterpiece and the summit of Catalan modernist architecture.

Gaudí began this work 31 years and devoted his life entirely to his work.

The high coliform towers give an upward trend of the facade, being favored by multitude of windows that perforate the tower spirally.

When completed the temple will have 18 towers, four in each of the three facades and domes form a system of six towers, with a central tower (dedicated to Jesús) of 170 meters.  Another four dedicated to the Evangelists and a central second dedicated to the Virgin.

When Gaudí died in 1926, he had only built a tower.  Project, after the Civil War only projects and plaster model were retained.  Yet since then the building has continued without interruption.  Currently it has terminated the Portal of the Nativity and the Passion.

The Nativity façade and the Crypt, made by Gaudí, are considered World Heritage since 2005.

Sacred Family is the most visited monument in Spain, followed by the Museo del Prado in Madrid and the Alhambra in Granada.

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Other Cathedrals of Barcelona:

The Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus located on Mount Tibidabo.  Architect Enric Sagnier work and completed by his son.

The idea of building a temple on the mountain, rumors arose of creating a pagan temple and a hotel-casino.

On December 28, 1902 the first stone was placed.  On October 29, 1961 received the title of minor basilica granted by Pope John XXIII.

The Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi located in the Plaza del Pi 7. Santa María Pino, is named after meeting with the image of the Virgin on wood trunk of a pine tree, so this tree is planted in front of portico.

Among the paintings stored altarpieces on worship of the Kings.

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Modernist architecture in Barcelona develops new architectural concepts based on the nature, as well as materials, forms of buildings and figures.  On the facades you can see birds, butterflies, leaves, flowers; as an adornment to stone or ceramic.  Figures larger as fabulous animals and cornices colorful ceramic elements.

The windows and balconies with wrought iron railings, wrought artistically.

Modernism is fostered by the Catalan bourgeoisie.  Discover in this new architecture expression satisfy their Catalan identity and express their wealth and distinction.

Some works of Catalan modernism have been registered as Historical Heritage: Palao, Park Güell or Milá House.

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