Barcelona transport network has metro and bus network.  For price inquiries, destination, timetable see web

Tourist offices in the spectacular view Montjuic Cable Car is recommended.  The Park Montjuic station located next to the funicular.

The arrangement of the Barcelona taxi if you do not want to wait in the driveway, you can access a search for any company in the network.

Barcelona’s taxis characterized by their black and yellow colors.

What do you do in Barcelona?, one of the issues that any tourist poses.  Barcelona is a city of resources and activities.  You can walk on our streets and discover:

Park Guell.

Palau Music Catalan.

Paseo of Gracia.

Basilica of Santa María of Sea.

Sacred Family.

Milà House.

Ciudadela Park.

Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

Plaza Catalunya.

Barcelona’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Monday to Sundays, 08.30 to 20.30h
December 24, 08.30h to 19.30h
December 25, closed
December 31, 08.30h to 20.00h
January 1, 10h to14.30h

You can found tourist offices: Plaza Cataluya 17 street (08.30h to 20.30h);  Plaza Sant Jaume (Monday to Friday 08.30h to 20.30h.  Saturday 09.00h to 19.00h.  Sundays and holidays 09.00h to 14.00h);  Portal Plaza Pau (08.30h to 20.30h);  Las Ramblas 99 (Tuesday to Sunday 12h to 20.00h).  El Prat Llobregat T1 (airport).  El Prat Llobregat T2 (airport).

The information you need on culture, shopping, gardens, paths, sightseeing, transportation, restaurants, entertainment centers, sports, exhibitions, concerts, map, accommodation, car rental, travel agencies.


If you are asking about shows in Barcelona professionals will advise the defendants:

Sure their children might like to see the Monster Jam. Paseo Olympic 17

The cocktail bar cocktail Konbe can make you enjoy the charming atmosphere of architecture and enjoy the performances. Deu i Maata 136.  Phone:  + 34 674 723 940.

“Pretty”. Villarroel Theatre.  Villarroel 87 street

“Cloaca”. Gaudí Theatre.  Anthony Mary Claret 120 street

“The Preu”. Goya Theatre.  Joaquín Costa 68 street

“Power”. The Maldá Theatre.  Carrer Pi 5 street


Tourism in Barcelona claimed by founded as a modern cosmopolitan Mediterranean city.

The urban layout, the medieval quarters, the Modernist architecture and avant emblematic buildings of Catalan Gaudí and Domènech builders have been more than help for UNESCO declared this city as Historical Heritage.

The pedestrian streets, communication networks, climate, nature, beaches incite warm arrival.


Finally include Mediterranean food, you can find numerous restaurants in Barcelona with any type of menu you want to taste:

Sergi de Meià. Mediterranean food.  Aribau street 106 street.  Phone:  + 34 931 255 710.

The Tata. Mediterranean menu.  Calàbria 69 street.  Phone:  + 34 934 262 287.

Can Pescallunes. The dishes are the most typical Catalan.  Carrer de les Magdalenes 23 street.  Phone:  + 34 933 185 483.

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